Hi, I’m Shannon Polk. I am a thought leader on the topics of race, gender, class, and faith. I’m also a solopreneur maintaining a law practice and a consulting business. I am a change agent to promote social and economic justice for disadvantaged communities to develop leadership training programs for women and people of color.

I believe …

Successful leaders earn a community’s respect through the consistent application of courage, faithfulness, generosity, and integrity.

Faith is the anchor of my soul and it keeps me grounded in times of chaos and uncertainty. My faith drives my compassion for the marginalized around me and gives me the courage to pursue justice and equity on their behalf.

Embracing intersectionality is easy when you live an integrated life.  The projects I choose professionally must reflect my core values.

Living fully means aligning work, family, and home values to achieve congruency. Professional life will influence personal life and vice versa. Similarly, gender cannot be separated from race.

The intersectionality of my race and gender has equipped me to view philanthropy outside of traditional contexts. I honor local, community-led forms of giving from those who are not wealthy but give generously to local and national causes. The cumulative impact of grassroots giving should be uplifted and celebrated. And I hope you will join me on this journey.