Over 40 With a Preschooler? Mom, You’re a Rockstar

As a mom over 40, it finally happened. Someone asked me if my daughter was my granddaughter. I didn’t faint as I anticipated I would. I just looked at my daughter and smiled knowing that I belong to that awesome category we call, older moms. My pediatrician referred to me as a geriatric mom. I received this amazing label because I had my child after age 40. My age automatically indicates that late nights end at 11 pm. Open house invitations fill my mailbox in the month of June. Most of my friends spend their days preparing for the empty-nest stage. My social media feeds flood with graduation photos, scholarship awards, and college freshman pictures.  So, when I post a pic of my darling four-year-old picking strawberries, I remember that my life isn’t in sync with the other moms my age. Read more

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